Welcome to the Fourth Age.

You live in the World. Mortal races intermix across continents, orcs and ogres rules the wastelands at the end of civilization, dragons lord over their own miniature nations of brainwashed subjects, and the gods interact directly with their followers through their agents: the angels. Each god sends to earth a handful of angels that act has his or her messengers to the mortals that worship them. A tense peace holds over the land at the moment, but border squabbles and trade disputes abound. The savage races of the wastes eye the rich lands of civilization with envy, and Dragonsnared raids increase. Behind this all, a dark power rises, it’s motivations and goals unknown. What will you do? Where will you go? The World is open to you, but be careful: the repercussions from your choices will echo through this Age and beyond.

Tales of the Fourth Age

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