Tales of the Fourth Age

Session 2
The Unfortunate Loggers

After spending an hour acquiring a horse the townsfolk could spare, Eris, Pyf, and Korath set out for the logging outpost / mill to the west of Soren leaving Arngrim behind to assist the townsfolk. The ride out through the woods was peaceful and the sky clear. Pyf attempted to start up a conversation to get to know each other and when that failed turned to prefered combat tactics, though both met with about as much success as a lead balloon.

Upon reaching Soren’s logging outpost the three heroes came upon an unnerving scene. Orcs picked about the logging camp in a casual manner, one shifting through a pile of human bodies that appeared to be the mill’s workers. Two appeared to be observing something inside the mill, where our heroes suspected any survivors would be located (and probably more Orcs.

First Pyf with the aid of magical speed and invisibility scouted out the scene outside the mill and confirming a ruckus inside. Pyf then attempted to incapacitate a dozing Orc, but he managed to let out a bellow before his death which prompted an encounter of the most violent sorts.

While Pyf attempted to conceal herself behind the corpse, Korath summoned a small fire elemental to serve as a distraction for the Orcs. A lot of fire and magic and gunpowder later an Ogre burst out of the mill, furiously swinging his club with bits of human dripping from his mouth. Our heroes (both disgusted and horrified) quick came together to fight this new threat and were able to defeat both Orcs and Ogre alike with minimal bone breaking.

Inside the mill our heroes found 3 human loggers still alive, though injured. The scene was gruesome as it appeared that the Orcs had captured some of the humans alive and incapacitated them to watch the Ogre eat them alive as some type of sport.

Dislodging a cart outside the mill house from a pile of human and horse corpses, our heroes loaded the survivors inside and gave basic tending to their wounds while gathering up the various corpses in a pile to burn upon departure. The trip back to Soren was quiet, but once there the survivors were taken to medical treatment and Pyf explained to the mayor Dallen in as graceful as detail possible what had happened at the mill. From there our heroes were given rooms for the night and settled down after their first day on the greatest adventure of their lives.

Session 1
The First Meeting

Our heroes awoke confused and cautious to a great white marble hall magically lit. Across the great inlaid mosaic of Creation stood 7 hooded figures who approached our heroes with a plea: an organization has grown powerful in the darkness and now seeks to summon the Old Beings into the world. Successful summoning of the Old Beings would destroy the world as we know it and likely all who inhabit it. Though flustered at the suddenness and manner of the request, our heroes agreed to lend their assistance. The 7 figures gave to them each a link to one of the Creator’s archangels to aid them on their quest and then hastened them through a portal to a “town in need of their assistance”.

On the other side they found the wreckage of a town. Bodies of human commoners lay about, small cottages burned, a wounded soldier huddled behind a low fence, and in the midst of the rubble a great gathering of Orcs with heavy axes admired a small frightened woman they held captive between them. Our heroes sprung into action and with the aid of the wounded soldier they defeated the Orcs and rescued the frightened woman.

The woman told them the town’s name was Soren and lead them to an intact section of the town where Pyf and Korath found the town hall, the mayor (Dallen), and most of the towns folk still alive. With the help of Pyf’s pony Bill, the veteran was safely brought to the town hall (which also functioned as an inn) for medical treatment. Our heroes split up, Eris to help with putting out fires and the others to gather information about their location and the Orc attack. The townsfolk had no idea why the Orcs had attacked. Such attacks were rare in the south forests of Aldlera since Orcs lived north of Aldlera in The Wastes. They also expressed concerns about a small logging facility they had to the west, the direction of the Orc attack’s origin.

Later our heroes met up after lunch and spoke with the wounded veteran they had fought beside. His name was Kalek and he explained about the town and its people. He was a King’s Guard, sent to Soren with one other soldier after a tour in the north fighting Orcs. He informed us that all small towns in the region were given two King’s Guards as defence, though they were not outfitted for such situations.

Kalek also expressed concern for the young woman the Orcs had taken captive. Our heroes informed him that she had been rescued and (although emotionally distressed) she was alright. He mentioned that her name was Sorya and she was an interesting child, often spending time on her own, disappearing into the woods alone, staring off into space, or muttering to herself. Eris volunteered to talk to the girl in private and get to know anything about her that might be a clue to her strange behavior or why the Orcs had targeted her.

And the adventure begins!
Adventures in semi circles, tea, and killing orcs

An excerpt from Korath’s’s memory journal.


I woke up in the middle of a grand room surrounded by three strange people. Shortly after recognizing that I have no clue as to who these people are we were approached by some mysterious robed fine people who urged us to go save the world. We accepted. After all it would be difficult to not accept that offer when they can easily give us the assistance of The Creator’s Archangels. We had a cup of tea and we were off.
The problem that they want us to fix is that there appears to be a small cult going around meddling with the affairs of the gods and attempting to bring the old ones into this realm. That sounds like a horrible idea.


We fought orcs! It was an exhilarating combat. The orcs were rather strange. They were infused with magic. I took note of the magic and the their markings in my magic book (refer to page 41 for the markings). After that we went on to talk with the town lord. He seemed like he was quiet happy that he was saved. We gathered information on the young lady we saved earlier (I think our halfling has some emotions for her) and it appears that she may have some magical connections (if not divine connections) and we should look for her.


  • Look for the young lady that you saved
  • Scout the surrounding area for more orc activity
  • Somehow get a message to the capital that the orcs are past the fortresses and are invading south.
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