Tales of the Fourth Age

Session 2

The Unfortunate Loggers

After spending an hour acquiring a horse the townsfolk could spare, Eris, Pyf, and Korath set out for the logging outpost / mill to the west of Soren leaving Arngrim behind to assist the townsfolk. The ride out through the woods was peaceful and the sky clear. Pyf attempted to start up a conversation to get to know each other and when that failed turned to prefered combat tactics, though both met with about as much success as a lead balloon.

Upon reaching Soren’s logging outpost the three heroes came upon an unnerving scene. Orcs picked about the logging camp in a casual manner, one shifting through a pile of human bodies that appeared to be the mill’s workers. Two appeared to be observing something inside the mill, where our heroes suspected any survivors would be located (and probably more Orcs.

First Pyf with the aid of magical speed and invisibility scouted out the scene outside the mill and confirming a ruckus inside. Pyf then attempted to incapacitate a dozing Orc, but he managed to let out a bellow before his death which prompted an encounter of the most violent sorts.

While Pyf attempted to conceal herself behind the corpse, Korath summoned a small fire elemental to serve as a distraction for the Orcs. A lot of fire and magic and gunpowder later an Ogre burst out of the mill, furiously swinging his club with bits of human dripping from his mouth. Our heroes (both disgusted and horrified) quick came together to fight this new threat and were able to defeat both Orcs and Ogre alike with minimal bone breaking.

Inside the mill our heroes found 3 human loggers still alive, though injured. The scene was gruesome as it appeared that the Orcs had captured some of the humans alive and incapacitated them to watch the Ogre eat them alive as some type of sport.

Dislodging a cart outside the mill house from a pile of human and horse corpses, our heroes loaded the survivors inside and gave basic tending to their wounds while gathering up the various corpses in a pile to burn upon departure. The trip back to Soren was quiet, but once there the survivors were taken to medical treatment and Pyf explained to the mayor Dallen in as graceful as detail possible what had happened at the mill. From there our heroes were given rooms for the night and settled down after their first day on the greatest adventure of their lives.



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