Pyf Odani

Sneakiest little halfling with a shotgun


Pyf is curious, small (even for a halfling) and slender due to her kitsune blood, and boasts absurdly red hair. She is calm and friendly though somewhat shy when pressed into too too intimate of situations, and she will almost always act in interest of her companions over herself though she is cautious about becoming too trusting too quickly.

Pyf was raised by the king and queen of Ardhonnia (her mother and father, halfling and kitsune respectively) and received formal education in courtly manners and presentation, as well as finance and diplomancy, very little of which Pyf retains as it was really boring. She discovered her psionics at the age of 15, which have barely blossomed.

At the age of 16, she enlisted into the Royal Naval Academy where she studied for two years prior to her four years of active service. She attended the Military Institute of Advanced Tactics and Alternative Warfare for two years before abandoning her career path for the life of a privateer, which also turned out to be incredibly boring.

Despite her mother’s pleading, Pyf left Ardhonnia behind her to pursue a life in the wider world, seeking treasure, excitement and companionship. It is a lonely world out there and despite becoming instant friends with most she meets in village taverns and city inns, the lack of true comradery is wearing on Pyf.

Pyf Odani

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