Giants are an ancient race. They along with the Dragons were the first beings created by the Creator that possessed true intelligence. Reaching heights of over 20 feet tall, Giants tower over all other races except Dragons and their power is likewise as great. There are two types of Giants: Mundane Giants and Elemental Giants.

Mundane Giants

Mundane Giants are the most common form of Giant. They are found in mountainous regions all across the World and tend to have the same spread of alignments as any of the Civilized Races. Mundane Giants possess great strength and nearly every Giant has some sort of innate magical ability.

Elemental Giants

Elemental Giants are Giants that, by their nature, are aligned with one of the four Elements. Unlike Mundane Giants, Elemental Giants tend to be neutral in alignment, keeping to themselves. Elemental Giants of good or evil alignment are rare outliers. There are four types of Elemental Giants:

  1. Fire Giants: Fire Giants are aligned with the Element of Fire. Their skin is a mottled black and red, and they possess hair and bears made of fire. They are masters of fire magic and are able to call forth great bursts of flame. Active volcanoes usually have a Fire Giant settlement nearby them. Fire Giants settlements can also be found in deep deserts.
  2. Sea Giants: Sea Giants are aligned with the Element of Water and live beneath the oceans of the World. They break from the typical isolationism of other Elemental Giants, interacting extensively with Gillmen.
  3. Storm Giants: Storm Giants are aligned with the Element of Air and tend to make their homes on plains or mountains. They are capable of wielding lighting and changing weather patterns.
  4. Stone Giants: Stone Giants are aligned with the Element of Earth and typically make their homes under the ground, usually inside of mountains. Stone Giants have been known to work with Dwarven smiths to create marvels of engineering. They are able to encase their bodies in armor of stone and create animated constructs made of stone.

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