Samsaria is only considered a nation by the loosest of definitions. Perhaps a more accurate description of it would be simply as a region. It is a peninsula located to the north of Aldlera, in which is located a large number of ascetic monasteries and temples. Most of the oldest such monasteries in the World are located here with some even claiming lineage back to the Golden Age. Not only are the monasteries here ancient, but they are also the progenitors of many of the monasteries located in other parts of the World, their students having left to found their own locations.

Despite their proximity to The Wastes, the inhabitants of Samaria have little trouble with Orcs. Most of the monasteries in Samsaria at the very least have a martial branch if not martial instruction for every member. The monasteries of Samsaria are the origin of the legends of the silent, unarmed monks that perform seemingly superhuman feats of fighting prowess without magic. So proficient at combat are the monks of Samsaria that the Orcs have named it Dekran which roughly translates to “Deathland”.

People from all over the World make the journey to Samsaria in an attempt to join the monasteries, but only the best of the best are allowed entrance. Those that fail return with stories of grueling entrance exams such as scaling mountains in the nude or combating wild beasts without the use of their arms. These stories do little to discourage potentials, though, and the number that make the journey each year remains large.

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